Hello world! It's nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Alon Kashtan. I'm an experienced software architect and developer who is excited about code and solving difficult problems.

The Bottom Line How can I benefit you?

Short on time? Want the bottom line? Here are the main things I have to offer for your benefit:

  • Experienced - I bring 12 years of experience in software development and architecture design in various resolutions, system sizes and technological stacks.
  • Hands on - I am not an 'Ivory Tower Architect' - I always stay 'hands on' with technology.
  • Passionate learner - I am a quick and independent learner - You will put less effort into training me and get quicker results from me. The solutions I can give are not limited to what I currently know.
  • Creative - I can find 'outside the box' solutions and challenge the 'usual' ways with a different point of view.
  • Committed to the organization - when I am a part of the organization, I want to benefit the organization even outside my job description.
  • Coder at heart - I love code and technology! (and good at it too).
  • Team player - I led a revolution in the IDF utilizing great work relationships with my colleagues.


Experience Previous positions

Chief Architect 2017-Today, Major in Ofek (Israeli Air-Force)

Chief architect, team leader and the visionary in the largest modern software project in the IDF, with enterprise-wide influence, replacing the former largest system in the IAF.

  • Team leader of 4 architects with direct professional authority over 70 developers.
  • Envisioned, planned and assisted in the implementation of large scale enterprise-and-military-grade microservices based solution.
  • Led IDF-wide architecture decisions and standards.
  • Member of a small group of senior developers in the IDF that is designing the IT and software of the future of the IDF.
  • Involved in every aspect of the systems: from data flows, through DR, DB, high availability, network architecture and CD process, down to code challenges.

Java, javascript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Hibernate, NodeJS, AngularJS, PostgreS, Docker, OpenShift, NGINX

Chief Architect 2014-2017, Major in Ofek (Israeli Air-Force)

Chief architect and team leader in the largest system in the IAF.

  • Team leader of 2 architects with direct professional authority over 50 developers.
  • Led many "modernizing" changes in the system: CI, transfer from WSA to Spring Boot, modern architecture patterns.
  • Mentored teams in moving to agile development.
  • Initiated and led a plan of migration of the system to modern architecture, technology and UX (led to the next position).

Java, Spring Boot, Web Sphere, Oracle DB

System Engineer 2012-2014, Captain in Ofek (Israeli Air-Force)

Engineer of a large critical real-time system.

  • Led all design aspects of the system: requirements, architecture, performance, managing sub-contractors' design, etc.
  • Designed a mission-critical system that needs to stand up to extremely strict load, latency and availability requirements. A failure in any of these can cause direct threat to life.
  • A completely asynchronous, highly distributed and high performance algorithmic system with multi-tenancy support.
  • Built a multi-zone high-availability architecture.

Java, DDS, RTI

System Engineer 2009-2012, Captain in Ofek (Israeli Air-Force)

Engineer of 3 tactical mission systems.

  • Led the design of 3 systems.
  • Led the use of WPF in the Air-Force.
  • Led the adoption of Scrum in several teams.
  • Designed an architecture for several large new projects.
  • Developed cyber and mobile communication solutions for the systems.

C#, DotNet 4, WPF, WCF, mPrest frameworks, NHibernate, Oracle Coherence

Developer 2007-2009, First Lieutenant in Ofek (Israeli Air-Force)

Developer in an airborne tactical mission system.

  • Part of initiating a new system in a technology new for the Air-Force.
  • First adopter of WPF in the Air-Force.
  • Developed front-end desktop application for touch-screens, focused on UX.
  • Developed local synchronization of stations over in-plane network.

C#, DotNet 3.5, WPF, MapCore

Expertise Things I already excel at

Microservices Architecture

An IDF Microservices leader.

Large scale solutions

Looking at enterprise-wide and technology specific concerns, at the same time.


Love to share knowledge in a way that people love to receive.

Education & Conferences Sources of wisdom

The Open University2015-TODAYMSc Computer Science
The Hebrew University Jerusalem2004-2007BSc Computer Science
HP Education2015Web Development with AngularJS
John-Bryce2012Ultimate Java
iNT (Ness) College2012Secured Software Development
Israeli Air Force2011C4I
Israeli Air Force2011System Engineering
Sela College2010DotNet Performance
John-Bryce2008UX - Tal Florentin
MicroXchg Berlin2017
AWS Summit Tel-Aviv2015
TechEd Eilat2010
Microsoft P&P Israel2010
Microsoft Developer Academy2008, 2009, 2010

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